About Dr. Kaplan

About Dr. Haim Kaplan
Ever since I was a child, I took an interest in biology and life sciences. And indeed, after graduating school in the Biology course of study, I quite naturally decided to join the medical studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where I have also completed a specialization in plastic surgery, at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. During the specialization period, I received many awards, amongst them the prestigious "Kaplan" Award.

I completed a 2-year subspecialization within the Reconstructive Microsurgery and Cranio-Facial Surgery fields at the New York University Medical Center in New-York. I also serve as one of the editors of the international editors' team of The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, which is the official journal of the American Society of Aesthetic plastic Surgery.

After many years of working as a senior specialist in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital, where I greatly dealt with general plastic surgery, breast reconstructions and microsurgery, as well as being the only plastic surgeon who performed sex change operations, currently, I serve as a plastic surgeon in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Asaf Harofe Hospital, a member of The Israeli Society and The American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery . I have an accumulated experience of over 20 years in the performance of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery such as:
- Facial rejuvenation surgery.
- Eyelid surgery.
- Rhinoplasty (nose surgery).
Ear surgery.
- Abdominal surgery and liposuction.
- Complex breast surgery, especially breast reconstruction surgery and microsurgery.
I have gained my vast experience over the years by performing thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic operations. I was invited to lecture and perform surgical demonstrations in Brazil and Japan

Nowadays, I am often invited to give lectures and deliver workshops in Israel and abroad, and to share my rich experience and my unique operations with the doctors' audience.

I have written the book "The Israeli Guide to Plastic Surgery" together with Tali Rosin (published by Zmora-Bitan), and it constitutes a "guiding light" to thousands of women and men facing some kind of plastic surgery as well as to those interested in aesthetics.

In my work as a plastic surgeon, I believe in creating a personal empathetic relationship with the patient, while being attentive to the patient's needs in an attempt to address the specific needs and requirements of each and every one, in the most professional manner.

I see utmost importance in enriching the patients' knowledge regarding all aspects related to the treatment or the surgery they are about to undergo, in order for them to become partners and be able to make informed reasonable decisions regarding their surgery.

The clinic currently provides complementary services accompanying all plastic operations, such as: treatments intended for preserving the skin's texture and the surgery's results following facelifts, lymphatic massage (drainage) after plastic surgery, skin preparation prior to plastic surgery, blurring scars by using advanced laser technologies, micropigmentation treatments for the completion of nipple areola tattoos following breast reconstruction procedures and nipple construction.

I am proud to be working with a permanent staff which includes a surgical nurse, an administrative assistant, paramedical cosmeticians, a medical coordinator and a lymphatic masseuse who are available to patients at all times. With the assistance of this permanent team, we are able to provide our patients with the best service while ensuring natural-looking results, based upon uncompromising professional standards and advanced treatment methods.
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