About Lilach Kaplan

About Lilach Kaplan
Lilach Kaplan, possessor of a Master Degree in Medical Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion (Haifa)-1996. Possessor of a Master Degree in Business Administration from the University of Derby-1999.

Possessing over ten years of experience in medications and dermocosmetic products marketing for all skin types.

Today, after numerable workshops within the advanced cosmetics field in Israel and worldwide, and participation in conferences within the anti-aging field, Lilach is considered a leading expert in consulting and tailoring dermocosmetic treatments for all skin types.

On September 2006, Lilach opened the Dermocosmetic Unit at Dr. Haim Kaplan's Complex, an expert in cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The treatment staff is comprised of senior paramedical cosmeticians, a lymphatic masseuse – specializing in lymphatic drainage following plastic surgery, a tattoos and reconstructive aesthetic permanent makeup expert, a staff of pedicurists, manicurists and a podiatrist foot specialist.

Active paramedical cosmetic products, manufactured according to doctors' prescriptions as a private label, personally customized for each and every client according to their skin condition, are sold at the dermocosmetic unit. Lilach regularly gives lectures at medical conferences of the Medical Media Company to doctors and medical cosmeticians, and she has a regular spot regarding medical cosmetic topics in health and lifestyle programs on channels 22 and 10.
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