Our Treatments

Our Treatments
Light to moderate facial peeling
The peeling is light-moderate, it dissolves the epidermis layer within a single treatm
The peeling is based on natural substances from vegetal sources that penetrate the epidermis, giving a thorny feeling, like sabra cacti coming in touch with the skin. The body's response to the "invasion" of these small particles makes it "vomit" them outside along with the epidermis layer. The skin's peeling starts 24-48 hours after treatment. A therapeutic kit should be taken home in order to assist the suitable peeling of the skin. A week after the initial treatment, the client must return to the institute for a restorative treatment of the facial skin and the insertion of moistures. A week later, the skin looks fresh and vital, less wrinkled and with fewer sunspots and age spots

Thorough facial cleansing and moistures insertion
A thorough cleansing of the facial skin, removal of the dead cells layer (up to 3 peeling types), removal of black spots and skin invigoration. Throughout this treatment, moisturizers, creams and ampoules are inserted into the facial skin by an ultrasound device, this while receiving a relaxing and pampering treatment which includes a facial massage and hands/feet massage. The treatment's duration is 90 minutes

Treating post-acne scars
This treatment utilizes the E-Matrix device which uses radio-wave technology on post-acne scars. It is effective on both new and old scars. Heating the deepest skin layer causes the fibroblast cells to migrate towards the heated area and begin the production of collagen, elastin, growth factors and connective tissues. All these fill the sunken scar from the inside out, and slowly through a process of several treatments, give the skin a smooth homogeneous and less scarred look. It is recommended to perform a series of 8-10 treatments. A waiting period of a month and a half to two months is required in between treatments
Treating hyper-pigmentation
An innovative sunspots (pigmentation) treatment which is performed using a device integrating radio wave (RF), laser and infrared wave technologies. The sunspots can be clarified by 70-80% through a series of 5 treatments in which we treat using three different handles
A handle treating pigmentation (sunspots and/or age spots)
A handle treating skin firming and solidification
A handle treating wrinkles and fine wrinkles
The treatment should be performed once a month
The pigment = melanocytes cells absorb the light energy and decay, the melanin arises and appears over the epidermis. During the first days the stain darkens and becomes the color of chocolate, hinting that the treatment has been successful. After a few more days, the stain clarifies and pales. With time and during following treatments, the stains become even lighter and paler, the final result being a homogeneous-looking skin and an even complexion. The treatment can be performed on the face, back of the hand, cleavage, hands and even feet. It is comprised of a series of 5 meetings, depending on the intensity of the stains.
Facial solidification and firming using radio wave (RF) technology
This treatment is performed by using a device transferring focused energy to the upper layers and the deepest layers of the skin while safeguarding and preserving the outer layer of the
treated area. The treatment causes an effect of heating and contraction of the existing collagen cells such that the immediate result achieved already in the first treatment is smoothing of the fine wrinkles within the treated area
The treatment's results:
Firmer looking skin
Removal of fine wrinkles
Enhanced capacity of collagen, elastin, connective tissues and growth factors production
Smooth and fresh appearance of the treated area
The treatment's duration is 30 minutes.

Age Smart Multivitamin facial treatment
A pampering facial treatment based on the insertion of active substances into the dermis layer
The treatment commences with an active granules peeling which dissolves the intercellular adhesive
Afterwards, skin filing with a microdermabrasion device, which files all the dead cells within the corneal layer (stratum corneum, Latin for "horned layer", the outermost layer of the epidermis), exposing new essential cells. Later on, active substances are inserted into the skin using an ultrasound device. The substances inserted into the skin are from natural sources, fruit acids such as: tartaric acid, mandelic acid derived from almonds, vitamin E, vitamin C concentrated at 20% in the form of Ester C which does not dissolve, a complex of amino-acids and omega 3 + 6. Upon termination of the treatment, the skin is covered by a mask based on vitamins and minerals. The mask is used to create a "greenhouse effect" and assists in the insertion of all the substances into the deepest dermis layer. The skin is nourished with active substances that enhance the intercellular moisture level while preserving the cells viability

A glowing treatment
The treatment contains three stages:
1. First stage – cleansing of the face and the neck and applying peeling according to the skin's type. The peeling remains on the facial skin for 3-7 minutes. At this stage, the upper cells layer of the epidermis is dissolved
2. Second stage – using a microdermabrasion device, the facial skin, neck and cleavage are filed by means of a diamond peeling and absorption of the dead cells. At the end of this process, a smooth skin is obtained, without a corneal layer that is characterized by dead cells
3. Third stage – insertion of active substances using an ultrasound device. The substances that are inserted into the internal layer of the skin are - Hyaluronic acid which penetrates the epithelial cells filling up the tiny fine wrinkles, vitamin C that influences the renewal of skin cells, granting the skin a homogenous look in terms of skin color, amino acids, vitamins and minerals which moisten the skin giving it a glowing look. To complete the process, you will receive a pleasing pampering facial, neck, shoulders and cleavage massage, one you won't forget soon
The treatment's duration is approximately 60 minutes.

Meso Roller treatment
A treatment performed by a Meso Roller device which causes controlled damage to the skin's deepest layer. This controlled injury leads to an increased production of collagen and elastin as well as thickening of the skin, fills up fine wrinkles and generates a more vital looking skin. During the treatment, active substances are inserted into the skin enhancing the production of collagen and elastin.

Aromatherapy body massage combined with shiatsu and reflexology
The massage duration is 50 minutes. This treatment is comprised of a deep massage with almonds oil, of the body's muscles, including the scalp.

Rehabilitative aesthetic permanent makeup and nipples recreation
Following breast reconstruction and as a complementary treatment of the nipple's recreation process, the nipple areola tattoo is an inseparable part of attaining breast perfection. The tattoos at the Dermocosmetic Unit are performed by professional tattoo artists who have completed permanent makeup and micropigmentation studies and have specialized in medical tattoos techniques. Only German inks and colors are used while a flask that has been opened serves solely a specific client
Likewise, post-surgical scars appearing after surgeries such as facelifts or hair transplants can be blurred. Also feasible are permanent eyebrows makeup, eye liner, lips, freckles and highlighting facial features.
Hair removal
This treatment uses an NCPL soft laser technology device. It suits all hair types (except for blond-white hair). The process is painless, fast, and it does not produce heat You can pay per treatment or purchase a treatments package in advance.

Couperose (capillaries) treatment
Utilization of a soft laser with an electric needle which treats mostly tiny facial and cleavage capillaries. Additionally, one may enjoy the usage of the Omnimax device with the VP2 handle which treats couperose by dismantling hemoglobin and whitening blood vessels until a homogenous look of the skin is obtained. In order to receive a significant result, a series of five treatments is recommended, spacing a month in between treatments.

Nails, feet and hands fungal infection treatment
Feet and/or hands fungal infections can be treated with the assistance of a laser handle capable of penetrating the nail and injuring the fungal spore. This treatment requires a series of 10 weekly treatments. It lasts a few minutes. The results will be apparent after a few months, when the nail grows without the fungi. As a complementary treatment and during the treatment, it is recommended to apply lamisil onto the feet.

Improving post-surgical scars
A treatment performed with laser technology equipment. The device contains several handles. A handle which improves the scar's coloration, it dismantles the hemoglobin within the blood vessels thus clarifying the scar. And in addition, an Erbium handle capable of filing elevated scars, the target being lowering them after a few filings to skin level height. It is important to note that in order to obtain visible results, a series of treatments is recommended.
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